[VIDEO] Ultramaraton Coahuila, powered by Garmin: Travel through Arteaga Mountains!

Last june 21st the first edition of the ultra marathon Coahuila garmin was held in the Arteaga mountains.

The race was held in three ultra marathon categories 50K and 100K raced individually and there was also a relay competition.

For 50K you could compete in two relays of 25 kilometers each and for 100K there were three relays of approximatelly 33 kilometers each.

In this kind of trial running races the absolute kins in the world are the Raramuris or Tharahumaras from the Chihuahua mountains, they ended up in 1st, 3rd 4rd and 5th places overall in teh 100K race.

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Start and finish line was placed in the "Bosques de monterreal" sky and resort (yes, there is a sky downhill course in Mexico!) 

Mr Daniel Castaneda shares his mini documentary for the race course on the 50K race on Arteaga hills.


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