Interviewing Derek Yorek "The Father that lead Boston so his daughters could see him on TV"

In the 2015 Boston marathon Derek Yorek took the lead for the first Mile just because he wanted his daughters to see him on TV!, He certainly accomplished his goal by far. [See the full story here]

The Boston Marathon 2016 is approaching and after almost a year derek was so kind to give an exclusive interview to "Correteando la cheve"

CCH:.- Many thanks for your time Derek; Lets start, how much time did you came up with the plan to lead the boston marathon?,
Was it something that was planned before you had qualified or right after the qualification?,
Or did the idea poped up on the corral of the first wave?

DY:.- To tell the truth, I hadn't planned on even running Boston. I ran the Fort Worth Cowtown marathon as my first marathon and really didn't want to run another one. 
After some time, and some peer pressure, I decided that I'd run Boston. It's the most famous marathon in the world, after all!.
The idea of leading didn't pop in my head until about a month out from the race as I hadn't trained like I would have liked and knew that I wasn't going to run very fast. So, I thought I'd give it a go.
Once in the corral, I made up my mind that I would try and lead for a while to ensure that my little girls got a chance to see me as I knew they were at home watching. 
Also, my mother and sister had come to watch me and I wanted to something cool for them as well! I never knew that leading for such a short time would make such a story!

CCH:.- How much time difference exists between the start of the elite group and the start of the first wave? ,
To be able to catch up, what was your race pace?.
Did you catch up before mille 1 or was it a little afterwards?.. or a little before?

DY:.- The leaders start about 50-60m ahead of corral 1, so I had a little work to do to catch the leaders. My Garmin showed I ran the first mile in 4:27. I got into the lead around the 3/4 mile mark and moved out of the lead just before 3k.

CCH:- Will you be running in boston this year?,
Are you planning to do the same thing again this year?,
Have you heard of someone who is planning on doing the same thing this year?

DY:- I will be there, but just as a coach. I have some athletes running the race, so I will be there in support of them. 
No, I certainly wouldn't do it again unless there was a BIG reason, haha. That was a LONG last 20 miles and was really miserable. If someone does plan on doing it, just know that there are a lot of painful miles to go once you drop out of the lead!

CCH:- Did the organization gave you a preferred treatment?,
are they considering you as an elite runner?, or quite an elite runner?, or a regular Jhon doe?

DY:- I never heard from the race organization at all actually. I'm not the first to go out and lead the race and won't be the last.

CCH:- Have your life changed after all the fuzz and the fame generated in social media?,
I've read that you got a new job because of that feat. is it true? can you tell us whare do you work now?

DY:- I'm not sure my life really changed, but it was a special experience for sure! I did get a new job, and my Boston experience
certainly helped, but it wasn't the sole reason for giving me the job. I now work for GPP Fit NWA in Bentonville, AR. 
It is a training facility where I do run, bike, swim and triathlon coaching along with several others. We also have group fitness classes that our athletes utilize to make them better athletes.

CCH:- (This question is of course not a serious one) do you have something like "leader of the x mille in the boston marathon" on your resume or something?

DY:- Ha! No, nothing on the resume.

CCH:- A common comment on social media where your feat has been posted is: what will he do when his daughters wanted him to win the competition?, have you talk about it with your daughters?
what advice / message will you give to your fans?

DY:- There's more to life than just winning the race. Sometimes you just want to finish, sometimes you want to set a personal record, and sometimes, you just want to have some fun with the biggest race in the world. I would never change what I did. I loved it, my family loved it, and my girls got to see their Daddy for a little bit while I was away. Either way, you should NEVER be afraid to shine!

CCH:- many thanks for this interview, it is really an honor.

DY:- -It's been a pleasure! Enjoy your training and have a great, blessed day!

The Boston Marathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors series, Correteando la cheve is a proud Abbott world marathon majors Ambassador.

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